Podcast: Is Peloton Stock a Bust? Plus: Tech Earnings, Crypto Regulation, and a New ‘Big Three’ in EVs

In this episode, Aaron and Luke address the Peloton-sized elephant in the room. Sometimes you get it right; sometimes you get it wrong. And Luke will admit that when it comes to Peloton stock, perhaps he was dead wrong.

Next up: tech earnings — and its biggest loss in history. Facebook, err, Meta, made headlines with a $220 billion wipeout in a single day, and Luke believes it’s likely to keep losing users for the foreseeable future. Could Instagram follow course as well?

And there are a new “Big 3” when it comes to EV stocks: Nio, Rivian and Lucid. Luke is all about Nio, the “Tesla of China,” and discusses how he thinks its fantastic tech could be adopted in other parts of the world. Lucid is a mega player, and Rivian could be king of electric trucks. But Luke still has his favorite(s).

Meanwhile, crypto regulation is looming, which has a lot of folks concerned. Luke and Aaron talk about how regulation is actually a good thing when it comes to mass adoption. It’s a benefit to the users of crypto — and the world agrees.

And last, but certainly not least, the two chat about inflation. Will inflation curb the market rally? The Consumer Price Index comes later this week, and people are expecting a hot number. With inflation looming, Luke talks about the potential impact on the current stock rebound.

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